Photobook Bristol 2016: The Last Post!

Photobook Bristol 2016 is over and was simply wonderful. We are emotionally attached to the event, but it was a truly memorable festival for so many reasons with  great talks, great people and so many different perspectives given. And there were quite a few stand out moments!

pbb 1


The weekend started with Amak Mahmoodian talking about her beautiful book, Shenasnameh. Her talk started with a clip of old Iranian movies which cut through the clichés of representation of the country. She went on to describe her working process, for all her projects and then the ways in which the identity photograph of the Iranian Shenasnameh (which is a kind of Iranian Birth Certificate/Domestic Passport) is used. The book is connected very closely to the different ways in which photography is used in formal settings and how those uses reflect politics, culture, violence and power. But above all, it is a book that is personal, autobiographical and filled with a passion and love that transcends the subject matter.

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Ha! Have you ever seen a sign that says ‘no drawing permitted’?

drawing by Craig Atkinson

One of the speakers and stall holders at Photobook Bristol this year is Craig Atkinson of Café Royal Books. Craig has famously published over 250 books in the last 10 years costing around £5 – £8. Mostly in black and white, the books tap into and revive a British photographic tradition dating back to the 1970s. They have become an archive in their own right in other words and have gained recognition as such.

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