Francis Atterbury


I’m a director of Hurtwood Press Limited, an award-winning fine art and photographic book consultancy. I was born in 1960 and, having lived through unprecedented technological change, have ended up with practical and hands-on experience of pretty much all printing and binding techniques from keyboarding and casting type in hot-metal to creating multi-channel images in Photoshop or from hand sewing a service sheet to machine binding thousands of volumes for major exhibitions.

Today I find myself making books for many and all sorts of people. From popular and well-known artists and musicians to unpopular or less well-known individuals. The only common denominator is that I work with people who know what they don’t want.

My starting point is always focussed on the project and the artist and, whilst the production methods will often be mainstream but the results are rarely so. With clients from Hong Kong to San Francisco via Almaty and Bristol, there aren’t many people and situations we haven’t come across.