Photobook Bristol Dummy and First Book Table

We are delighted to announce the books we’ll be showing at Photobook Bristol’s Dummy and First Book Table. It was with great difficulty that we made this selection. There were fantastic books that weren’t selected, with great images, concepts and designs. Making a photobook really is difficult and the standard of books submitted is proof both of the skills needed to make a great book and also that peak photobook, in terms of quality, not been reached.

There are trade published, self-published, handmade artist’s books and rough dummies covering a range of subjects and approaches. From Matthieu Asselin’s large scale investigation into Monsanto to Mary Hamill’s direct floral renditions of used tampons and Martin Bollati’s ambitious book construction, we recommend you follow the links and discover the work of some of the best books that we have seen this year and beyond.



Mathieu Asseliin // MONSANTO: A Photographic Investigation // Dummy


Murray Ballard // The Prospect of Immortality // GOST

Valentino Bellini & Eileen Quinn // LIMBO // Dummy Book

Martin Bollati // FORMA BRUTA // La Luminosa & Cuadernos de la Kursala

Julia Borissova // Dimitri // Self-Published

Fabiola Cedillo // Los Mundos de TITA // Self Published

Martin Cregg // MIDLANDS // Self Published

Nathalie Depose // La Frontiére // Self Published

Chris Dorley-Brown // The Longest Way Round // Overlapse

Overlapse - The Longest Way Round Photobook Preview

Jessa Fairbrother // Conversations with My Mother // Dummy

Mary Hamill // Semper Augustus // Book Dummy

Mary Hamill Semper Augustus Jan 30th

Maki Hayashida // The Pacific Tourist // Self-Published (Reminders Stronghold)

Sian Davey // Looking for Alice // Trolley Books

The Pacific Tourist dummy-9.jpg


Hajime Kimura // In Search of Lost Memories // Self Published (Reminders Stronghold)

Ikuru Kuwajima // Tundra Kids // Schlebrügge.Editor

Kirsty Mackay // My Favourite Colour was Yellow // Self Published

000025 - Version 2 (2)

Jan McCullough // Home Instruction Manual // Verlag Kettler

Alice Myers // Nothing is Impossible Under the Sun // SOAP


Hirashi Okamoto // Recruit // Self-Published (Reminders Stronghold)

Miyuki Okuyama // Land of the Setting Sun // Self Published

Sofia Borges // The Swamp // MACK


Christian Rodriguez // MOTOBAIK // Christian Rodriguez + Vibrant Editora

Michele Sibiloni // Fuck it // Edition Patrick Frey

Alnis Stakle // Melancholic Road // Dummy book

Martin Toft & Gareth Syvret // ATLANTUS // Self-Published

Rocco Venezia // NEKYIA // Dummy

Joe Wright // The Floods // Self Published


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